Autumn Glory

Alex has sent us a couple of photos reminding us of the season. It’s good to see the effort she and her Mum have put in to decorate the house ahead of Halloween. We may not be out guising this year but we can still mark the day in our homes.

Her other photo reminds us of the change in the light and the colours & shedding of the trees.

All this reminds me that the clocks go back early on Sunday morning and those booked to attend our 10.30 service need to put their clocks back to avoid disappointment!

Today’s services

Apologies for being late with this but I just discovered a service on BBC Scotland & it is available on the iPlayer for the next month. Bishop Mark is leading a Eucharist from Inverness Cathedral. (Admin).

Other options (if you haven’t already watched include a service from Oban on the Provincial website & a Eucharist from Fortrose on FB (search for Mel Langille).

Here is the link to the Cathedral service on the iPlayer

Services this Sunday

Well S/He isn’t really working remotely but Julia has been working hard this week doing the work to reinstate local services as soon as possible & as a result has not had the opportunity to record a local online service for this coming Sunday.

So please check out the Worship page for links to other services locally & throughout Scotland.

Having done the groundwork to reintroduce services at St James in Dingwall we are waiting for confirmation that we can go ahead from the Diocese. Julia hopes to be able to communicate the start date and arrangements for local services in the coming week.

Autumn Photos Part 2

From Alex Reid.

It’s subtle, but the leaves on the trees are just starting to turn golden as autumn sets in. πŸ™‚πŸ I would have also sent a pic of my autumn leaf banner craft but I haven’t made it yet. πŸ˜…

Thanks Alex! We look forward to seeing the banner when it is done!

& from Julia ‘My Autumnal “Gleanings”‘

& here is Alex’s leaf banner.

“Here is my autumn leaf banner, it was fun to make and brightens up the wall at my computer desk. 😊🍁”

Autumn Photos – Part One

From Robin “Not much in the way of autumn colour yet, but plenty of autumn produce!”

From Jean. “Waiting to pick up Harry from the groomers in Culloden on Thursday. Reminded me of Christmas!”

And also from Jean. “Saturday afternoon and time to start the autumn clean up. Don’t judge the weeds! It is a work in progress!”

Sunday Service

Barbara has recorded a service for tomorrow 27th September and as usual it is available on the Worship page of this website and on our YouTube channel at

Robin has emailed the order of service.

Barbara has also suggested that we could share pictures of autumn. It would be lovely to have photos of your garden or taken when you are out and about on those socially distanced walks!

So if you have any photos you are willing to share please send to and we will post here on the website.

Services this Weekend

We do not have a local Sunday morning service this week (20th)

Barbara & Norma will be recording a service for Sunday 27th which will be available on the church YouTube channel. More details and service sheets will be issued next week.

A live-streamed service from the Cathedral at 10am on Sunday should be available on Cathedral’s YouTube channel. :-

For those interested in attending :-

There are still a few spaces for in person worship at @invcathedral

Links to information about the Provincial Sunday service and other online services offered in the Province can also be found on the Worship Page.

Services this weekend.

We do not have a local Sunday morning service this week but we do have a cornucopia of other possibilities for you!

Firstly Barbara has recorded a Compline service with can be viewed on Saturday or Sunday evening according to your availability. It has been uploaded to the Worship page of the website & can be found on our YouTube channel here:-

Secondly there is a live-streamed service from the Cathedral at 10am on Sunday and in addition there is a Gaelic Eucharist live from the Cathedral at 5.30pm. Both can be found on the Cathedral’s YouTube channel. :-

Links to information about the Provincial Sunday service and other online services offered in the Province can also be found on the Worship Page.