June/July Newsletter

St.James’, Dingwall & St. Anne’s,Strathpeffer
June/July 2015

New Service Pattern
At its meeting on 20th May the Vestry agreed to try a new experimental service pattern from August to December. The purpose of this is to try and meet a number of objectives. Firstly, the service of Matins and Eucharist will move to an 11am slot to enable the choir to lead the singing. Secondly, a service specifically for young families will be added to what is on offer at St Anne’s. This service will not be a Eucharist and will be timed at about 40 minutes duration. Thirdly, services will normally take place on a set Sunday of the month (first Sunday, second Sunday etc). This will mean that it will be much easier for people to know what is happening when (especially if they have been away for a time). On the months when there is a fifth Sunday we shall hold a joint service followed by a lunch. The change to the new pattern will be seen in the list of services for June, July and August at the end of this Newsletter. This new pattern of worship will be reviewed at the Annual Congregational Meeting at the beginning of December.

Foodbanks are much in the news these days and demand for their services looks set to grow. We have long supported the local Foodbank in Dingwall and this support is much appreciated. It has been suggested that, whilst the collecting boxes will be available at all services, we particularly designate the fourth Sunday of the month as ‘Foodbank Sunday’ to focus our minds. Also the Foodbank have now started to particularly request certain items each month and we will endeavour to publicise these requests as we receive them. The items requested for June are: orange juice, crackers, tinned potatoes, corned beef, pasta sauce.

Confirmation Service
Confirmation has always had a treasured place within Anglicanism. Now officially known in the Scottish Episcopal Church as ‘Laying-on of hands in affirmation of baptism’ this service (always taken by a Bishop) provides an opportunity to express a new commitment or a re-commitment to Christ or to the Anglican community. Bishop Mark is booked to come for a confirmation service on Sunday 27th September at St James’. One candidate will shortly be beginning preparation for this and if anyone else is interested in being confirmed in September please let a member of the clergy know as soon as possible.

Peace 1945 – a united service of worship
On Friday July 3rd at 7.30pm in Dingwall Baptist Church there will be a service organised jointly some of the churches in Dingwall to mark the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War. This will be an opportunity to both give thanks and think of the future. It is hoped that this service will be well supported.

We continue to work on the various means by which we seek to communicate with one another and with the wider community. The website announced in the last edition of the newsletter failed to meet our requirements. We have therefore switched to –
We hope to link this to both Twitter and Facebook. Many thanks to our secretary Jean Davis for all her hard work on this. Thanks also to Dianne Pallett for her work on the Facebook page.

Aberdeen Academy of Theology
The vision and purpose of the Academy is summed up in its subtitle, ‘Thinking and Living Faithfully’.It has been created in order to stimulate Christians to think and live faithfully, to encourage them to understand their faith better so that they can become loyal disciples and witnesses of Jesus Christ.
Later this year, the Academy will meet at Rubislaw Church Centre on Saturdays 26 September, 31 October and 21 November when Prof Tom Greggs will lead three classes under the title of ‘Who is God? Everything you wanted to know about God but were afraid to ask’. Meanwhile, in 2016, Prof Paul Nimmo will lead three classes on Jesus Christ and Dr Don Wood will lead three classes on The Holy Spirit. Further details of these classes will be made available nearer the time.
If anyone might be interested in attending the sessions later this year please have a word with Ian

We offer our congratulations to Nathan Chaplin and Natasha Flannigan on the occasion of their recent wedding.
We offer our condolences to the families of Eve-Ann Russell and Dorothy Mellis following their recent funerals. Also apologies that last month’s list did not include the name of Brian Saunders which should have been included although he does not appear in our registers. We continue to pray for Valerie and the family.

Looking for accommodation
Dharma Cuthbert from our congregation is currently looking for rented accommodation in the Dingwall/central Inverness area – either a small house or cottage or a one/two bedroomed flat (any floor). The accommodation must be on a bus route. Maximum rent £500 per calendar month. If anyone knows of anywhere that may be available please let Dharma know (on 07955212579 or e-mail to dharmacuthbert@gmail.com).

Service Times
June                                           St James’                                                              St Anne’s
7 Pentecost 2                           9.30 Eucharist                                                    11.00 Sung Eucharist
14 Pentecost 3                        11.00 New Venture                                              9.30 Eucharist
21 Pentecost 4                        9.30 Matins and Eucharist                               11.00 Sung Eucharist
28 Pentecost 5                       11.00 Sung Eucharist                                          9.30 Eucharist

5 Pentecost 6                          9.30 Eucharist                                                    11.00 Sung Eucharist
12 Pentecost 7                       11.00 New Venture                                              9.30 Eucharist
19 Pentecost 8                       9.30 Eucharist                                                     11.00 Sung Eucharist
26 Patronal Festival            11.00 Sung Eucharist                                          9.30 Matins and Eucharist

2 Pentecost 10                      11.00 New Venture                                              9.30 Eucharist
9 Pentecost 11                       9.30 Eucharist                                                     11.00 Sung Eucharist
16 Pentecost 12                    11.00 Matins and Eucharist*                             9.30 Family Service
23 Pentecost 13                    9.30 Eucharist                                                     11.00 Sung Eucharist
30 Pentecost 14                   11.00 Sung Eucharist (joint service followed by lunch)

* In alternate months the 11.00 Matins and Eucharist service will be at St Anne’s on the second Sunday and at St James’ (as here) on the third Sunday.

Clergy contact details:

Revd. Canon Ian Pallett: 01349 862204
Revd. Valerie Saunders: 01349 865445
Revd. Ruth Flockhart: 01463 731580
Revd Barbara Chandler 01463 831849

Web-site: wyvischurches.wordpress.com.
Facebook: wyvis churches

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