This week at Wyvis Churches

As the person who usually loads up others contributions to this site, I usually stay behind the scenes. However today I’m breaking my own resolution for two reasons.

Firstly today I attended the New Venture service for the first time for a while, mainly because I was rostered to do the Fair Trade stall today. I had stopped going to New Venture because It had lost it’s freshness (at least to me) but today was excellent. Only one person’s view of course but the hymns, background music, sermon and the balance of traditional liturgy with new worship was a wonderful experience and if something similar is continued I may well become a regular attender at that particular service again! So, many thanks to all but particularly to Ian and Ruth officiating today, Valerie for the participatory percussion instruments and Tracey for managing the music.

Another special mention to Vestry who have finally sorted out the heating. The new radiators are not intrusive in the church and the gradual disrobing of outer clothes throughout the service by those present brought a smile to my face!

While I’m here I’ll just mention the other things happening this week.

On Tuesday 9th at 10.30am we will be holding our usual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Party in St James church hall. All welcome to come and partake of our usual yummy pancakes!

Wednesday is Ash Wednesday (the start of Lent) and there will be services at the usual 10.30 am and a further service at 7pm. Imposition of ashes will be available (but not compulsory) at both services. Again all are welcome.

Finally this year’s Lent course will start on Friday (7pm in the Parsonage – just across the road from St James’), during the course we will be looking at some of Pope Francis’ ideas on sharing the love of God.

So lots going on in addition to the usual weekly services (see my previous post). In addition you can find details of other events and the Bishop’s Lent appeal on the church noticeboard. So come and join us if you can.


4 thoughts on “This week at Wyvis Churches

  1. I agree that the new venture service today was very good but I was concerned at how few were in attendance & that there were no children or young people – given that we had a good number in the not so distant past….


    1. I agree especially re the numbers. One of the reasons I thought I’d post my thoughts. It would be good if we could encourage people, old and new, to come along to appreciate . I’s out there on Twitter and FB so maybe people will read and be curious.


      1. The problem here is that we had a good number of young people, adults & children, who no longer come because they did not feel welcome – we can encourage all we like but we have to look at the way in which we welcome & include – or the same thing is likely to happen again.
        And once people leave, not only are they unlikely to return, but they will tell others that they found us unwelcoming….
        Sad, but true


      2. Well let’s hope that those reading this thread will have some further suggestions we can try. Having done so much work on the fabric of St James I’d like to see it full of people. People welcomed in and happy to come back!

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