Newsletter March/April 2016

Welcome to our Spring Newsletter!

Holy Week and Easter Services

As usual, you will find forward details of Sunday services for the weeks ahead at the end of this Newsletter, but you may find it helpful to be reminded here of the services which will be taking place in Dingwall and Strathpeffer during Holy Week and at Easter.

Palm Sunday (20 March)
9.30 am Family Service at St Anne’s
11 am Matins and Eucharist at St James’
6 pm A Meditation in words and music for Holy Week, at St Anne’s

Monday 21 March
7.00pm Compline at St James’

Wednesday 23 March
10.15am Morning Prayer at St James’
10.30am Eucharist at St James’
7 pm Tenebrae at St James

Maundy Thursday (24 March)
7.30pm Sung Eucharist at St James’

Good Friday (25 March)
10.30am Stations of the Cross at St Anne’s
3 pm Good Friday Liturgy at St Lawrence RC Church
7.30pm Good Friday Evening Service at St James’

Easter Day (27 March)
9.30 am Eucharist at St James’
11 am Sung Eucharist at St Anne’s

Gift Day

Several years ago now we replaced our Christmas Fayre with an annual Gift Day which forms an important part of our fundraising for the life of our church. This year’s Gift Day will be on Saturday April 2nd. There is also a Soup Lunch on this day so things will start slightly later than previously. There will be service of Morning Prayer at 10.30am and the church will then remain open for us to bring our contributions until 1.30pm. The Soup Lunch will begin at 12noon as usual. Please support us on this day.

Treasurer’s Post

Reg Holder has intimated that this will be his last year in the post of Treasurer, so we now urgently need to seek a successor. A copy of the Treasurer’s job description is available. No formal accountancy qualification is needed, but we anticipate that whoever takes on the post will require some guidance and training from Reg, perhaps through taking on part of the role initially in the course of the present year. Please give this opportunity to serve the church community your serious consideration and contact Reg or Ian if you would like any further information.

Heating at St James’

The additional ceramic heaters installed at St James’ do now seem to have raised the temperature to a comfortable level, even on very cold days! Generous contributions from the congregation have covered the £2,000 cost of purchasing the heaters, but we also incurred some £2,000 for their installation. Any further donations would be (warmly) welcomed and should be given to Reg Holder.

Filling Rosters

It is proving increasingly difficult to maintain rosters for a number of regular congregational duties, with the responsibilities falling on a shrinking number of shoulders. Two immediate problems have been brought to the attention of the Vestry.

The first is the need to recruit a few more people to prepare and serve tea/coffee after the fortnightly 11am Sunday service, both at St James’ and at St Anne’s. This forms an important part of our fellowship but maintaining it depends at present on only two or three people at each church. The duties are not onerous, as Angela Macpherson (for St James’) and Pat Holder (for St Anne’s) can explain – so please contact them!

The second concerns church cleaning duties, which are also now falling to a much reduced number of people. The Vestry has considered whether this should become the subject of a commercial contract, covering both churches, but the annual cost of perhaps £2,000 would be very hard to accommodate within our already over-stretched budgets. So please think hard about whether you might be able to give some time to joining the volunteer cleaning teams, whose faithful service keeps our churches in such an admirable condition. Angela Macpherson (for St James’) and Penny Stirling (for St Anne’s) can provide more information.

And since none of these duties is gender specific, we trust that the men in the congregation will seriously consider volunteering too!

Charitable Giving

For some years now the Vestry has been distributing annually to a number of charities part of a generous donation made to our churches. In May we expect to be deciding which charities should benefit this year from a total sum of around £1,600. We try to spread the support across a range of local, national and international causes and to vary the recipients over time. If there is a cause which you feel we should be supporting this year, please contact Ian with the details so that it can be included in the Vestry’s consideration.

Science and Faith Discussion Group

A study group of those (mostly with a scientific background but not exclusively so) who wish to look into the faith implications of modern scientific theory and discovery is being established at the Highland Theological College in Dingwall. The group will have its first meeting on Monday 21st March, looking at the first part of “The God Question” DVD and using that as a starting point for discussions. Thereafter, it is likely that the group will meet on (roughly) a monthly basis at a time convenient to most of the group members. An invitation to this group is extended to all Christians in the area with a background in science or who already engage with scientific issues from a theological or philosophical perspective. If you intend coming on 21st March, could you please contact Anne Rodgers at HTC Reception (; 01349 780000) by Friday 18th March. .


A reminder that our SafeSpace group is now meeting again on the second Wednesday of every month in the hall at 7pm. All are welcome to attend this group which provides an opportunity to discussion issues of concern in a constructive way. The next meeting, on 13 April, will focus on the subject of Islam.


We congratulate Iona Charlotte Mackenzie on the occasion of her baptism.

We offer our sympathy to the families of Betty McCutcheon, Dharma Cuthbert and Mairi Stewart after their recent funerals.

Sunday Service Times in April and May

St James’                                    St Anne’s
3 Easter 2                                   11.00 New Venture                   9.30 Eucharist
10 Easter 3                                  9.30 Eucharist                         11.00 Matins and Eucharist
17 Easter 4                                  11.00 Sung Eucharist               9.30 Family Service
24 Easter 5                                  9.30 Eucharist                         11.00 Sung Eucharist

1 St Philip/St James                  11.00 New Venture                  9.30 Eucharist
8 Easter 7                                      9.30 Eucharist                        11.00  Sung Eucharist
15 Pentecost                                11.00 Matins and Eucharist   9.30 Family Service
22 Trinity                                      9.30 Eucharist                        11.00 Sung Eucharist
29 Pentecost 2
11.00 Joint Sung Eucharist at St Ninian’s Invergordon, followed by “bring and share” lunch

Clergy contact details:

Revd. Canon Ian Pallett: 01349 862204
Revd. Valerie Saunders: 01349 865445
Revd. Ruth Flockhart: 01463 731580
Revd Barbara Chandler 01463 831849

Facebook: wyvis churches


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