Reverse Advent Calendar

This Advent, why not help others by preparing a ‘reverse advent calendar’?

We are all aware of the advent calendar, opening daily doors to reveal firstly a message of anticipation or a quote from scripture. More recently to reveal a chocolate or other goodie or a drink or beauty treatment has also become popular. Why not reverse it and give to those in need while contemplating the coming of Jesus Christ?

Sadly food banks are increasingly necessary in our community. so…

Find a box or bag and feed it daily with things needed by the local food bank. Think practically. Tinned food, tea, coffee biscuits, staples like pasta or rice. Cans with ring pulls – not everyone has a can opener. Food that can be eaten cold or can be heated by adding water. Basic toiletries, pet food (pets are so important as companions and need food too). Christmas treats like Christmas cake – everyone deserves a treat at Christmas! Things that will keep.

You can bring your offerings to church and we will get them to the local food bank. From next week we will have a list of things particularly needed locally but if you follow the suggestions above you can’t go far wrong.

We can enjoy the anticipation of Christmas (even our own Advent calendars) but we can also help others during Advent so put something in each day, consider saying a short prayer for the person who will receive it, bring your offerings to church on Sundays and enjoy the ‘Season of Goodwill’ in the knowledge that you are helping others.

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