In me!

Yesterday I wrote my sermon for this coming Sunday. No spoilers here-😉 but suffice to say that I was thinking about what it means to have Christ in us. I had been a Christian for a long time before I really started grasping this simple but transforming truth- that Christ has chosen to make him home in me. “Christ in you, the hope of glory” as St Paul so wonderfully puts it in Colossians. Something that helped me to grasp this truth came in a most unexpected way when I was watching the Disney version of Aladdin with our boys many years ago. The late, great Robin Williams voiced the genie brilliantly and explaining who he is to Aladdin he comments;

“phenomenal cosmic power in an itsy, bitsy, living space!”

Now, I do not want to suggest that God is like a genie, there to fulfil my every wish…far from it! But the simple, yet life changing truth  that the Almighty, all powerful Creator and Redeemer of the world should make his home in such a frail and human vessel as me…well that really  is something far beyond my wildest dreams- and altogether more humbling and awe inspiring than any genie!

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