I have been bewitched this last week by the lilac tree in my garden. It has come into full bloom and is absolutely laden with heavy blossom. Despite the rain and the strong breeze, the blossom continues to flourish and delight. The sheer abundance and extravagant nature of it amazes me. Looking at it today as it rode the quite strong winds, seeming effortlessly, I was reminded of some words by Evelyn Underhill. I cannot track the exact quote, but I know she talked about “beauty beyond sense.”

 I was so struck by this aptness of this phrase as I gazed then, several years ago now, on a beautiful flowering clematis. Looking today at my lilac tree has brought it back to mind. It makes me think of the abundant love and care that God lavishes so generously on his creation- and on each one of us. Of the overflowing goodness and gifts that he has for us if we would but turn with eyes to see and hearts to receive. How blessed are we to have as our loving heavenly Father a God who loves us far more than is ever sensible!

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