We are not opening for private prayer at the moment but for those who would like to pray in church the Cathedral will be opening on Sunday and for two days next week. Details are below. Text taken from the cathedral newsletter (with thanks to the Provost for posting)

On Sunday 28th June the cathedral will begin to open its doors for those who wish to come for Private Prayer. Much preparation has gone into opening the doors and ensuring the safety, as far as we can.

The opening times for the coming week are:

Sunday 28th June 11.30 to 12.30pm
Wednesday 1st July 11am to 12noon
Friday 3rd July 3pm to 4pm

There will be a number of precautions in place for the safety of all during this time and in line with the Scottish Episcopal Church guidance and the Scottish Government guidance.

There will be a one way system, using the All Access Door for the entrance with the exit through the West Doors. Please wear a mask in the building. You will find hand sanitiser at the entrance and exit to use. There will always be 2 stewards on duty to welcome you and to help you with where to go etc.

Candles will be available to light and the contactless donation facility will enable donations for candles. Please note that if you prefer to use a Bible/Prayer Book during this time then please bring your own copy as we are not able to have these on offer at this time.

Churches reopen for private prayer | The Parish of Badshot Lea and ...

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