Update for St James and St Anne’s

Following Scottish Episcopal Church guidelines for emerging from lockdown the Vestry met by Zoom this week and decided that for the moment St James and St Anne’s will not be open for private prayer. Looking at the guidelines that would have to be followed – including manning the church at all times when it was open, taking names and contact details of people as they entered, setting up hand sanitiser stations and providing face masks, to name but a few of the necessary safety precautions – led us to conclude that at this stage the better option would be to work towards getting the churches cleaned and readied for when we can again meet as larger bodies for worship in later phases of emerging from lock-down. It was not a decision that we took lightly but it was a unanimous agreement of the Vestry.
In the meantime, we are now allowed to clean inside the churches and will be doing the preparatory work required to enable us to open in due course. Removing all soft fabrics- cushioned seats, kneelers – taking out the hymn books and service orders and Bibles, enabling a one -way system through the churches, signage, showing where people can and cannot sit etc…these are just some of the things that will need to be thought and about and managed. We hope that then, when we are allowed to meet together in larger numbers, we are ready for it. I am afraid that even then it will still be a very different kind of service, with no music and with social distancing enforced, but we will at least be able to be together in body, we hope, in the not too distant future. If you have any comments or queries on this, please do get in touch with me.
If you would like to see the full guidelines as issued by the SEC they can be found here:


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