Call for contributions to Our Living Advent Calendar

Alex has contributed more photos, this time on the subject of her cozy Halloween night at home with her mum (and it is good to see the incorporation of Christian symbols into the festival).

Halloween is now over as are All Saints & All Souls days and our thoughts turn to the future and what may happen for Advent and Christmas.

We know it won’t be a usual season but we can still make it an interesting and sharing season. 

At the Vestry meeting last week we discussed a possible Living Advent Calendar. Something we can post on the website and on Facebook & possibly publish as a seasonal ‘Grapevine’ newsletter.

If we are to do this we need your help!

We would like you to provide a short video, or your thoughts in writing (prose or poetry) and/or a photo which means something to you. Something joyful or positive and if possible looking forward to Advent and to the anticipation of Christmas.

It doesn’t have to be a novel. Just a few words on something that brings you joy or that you are thinking about as we approach Advent.

A simple example. 

I felt such joy on Sunday morning when I got up early to walk the dog before going to church for the first time since March. To be out in the quiet of the early morning in the bright sunshine and clear skies with Harry was truly joyful! (& I’d have missed that experience under ‘new normal’ circumstances of Sunday stay at homes & virtual worship!).

Or perhaps this example – a celebration of the last flowers of the season by my front door reminding me of soon to arrive frost and the winter & Advent to come.

So something short (or longer if you want to), something that paints a picture for those watching or reading. We are hoping for enough contributions to fill the calendar & from as many people as possible!

So please put a few moments aside to think about a contribution to our Living Advent Calendar which we can share among ourselves and with the wider world.

We may not be able to worship together just as we used to this year but we can still share our thoughts and experience as we anticipate and wait for the coming of Jesus at Christmas.

So if you want to contribute to our calendar please email your contribution to  Remember that Advent starts on 29th November this year so there isn’t much time to get the first contributions done!

Let’s get those contributions prepared to share during Advent!


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