10th Dec Moses-man of many journeys

Suggested Reading Exodus 3 v 1-14

As we journey on through Advent and indeed as we journey on through this pandemic, I wonder if you are feeling weary? It has been a hard year for us all as we have had to come to grips with the reality of Covid-19 and constantly adapt to the changing regulations. Everyday tasks can seem an uphill struggle-be it working from home, battling with wearing a face mask, constantly sanitising hands, watching over those who are most vulnerable-and often unable to support them as we would wish.

A man who understood what it was like to be constantly adapting and journeying in uncertainty was Moses. From the bulrushes to an Egyptian palace, from privileged position to fugitive, from shepherd to leader of a nation, from slavery to freedom, from close encounters with God to wandering in the wilderness, from the hope of entering a promised land, to only seeing it from afar.

Moses’ dramatic encounter with God at the burning bush set him on his long journey of faith-through all its ups and downs. Have you had similar dramatic encounters with God in your journey? Sometimes looking back and seeing how God has sustained us can be a real encouragement when we are weary and burdened.

Burning Bush Image courtesy of

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