12th Jan 2021 Befriending Faithfulness

Sometimes reading the Bible in a different version can open up a whole new meaning to a text. Yesterday I was reading Psalm 37 in the English Standard Version. This phrase in v 3” befriend faithfulness” leapt out at me. These verses are among some of my favourites, but I have never come across that particular translation before and it set me thinking afresh about God’s faithfulness to us-and what it might mean for us to be faithful to him in these difficult days.

To be faithful is to demonstrate constancy, reliability, firmness, to give security, to be unchanging. All these wonderful attributes of God-and much more- are summed up in that word, faithfulness. For me, looking at creation, enjoying the beautiful and inspiring scenery, marvelling at the play of light and cloud, the shades of creation, the earth under my feet full of life, even in these cold days, are a reminder that whatever may be happening in the world, God is faithful and worthy of my praise. He is my steadfast hope, my rock, my security and unfailing in his love for me.

But in turn, I am called to “befriend faithfulness”, to literally make a friend of faithfulness to God and to others in my day- to- day living. To befriend faithfulness by reaching out with love and compassion, to take time to listen to others, to befriend the lonely and those in need, to listen for the unspoken messages of need and anxiety, to befriend those small acts of kindness that can mean so much.

And perhaps above all, in these days, to befriend faithfulness to God by living a life that is centred around Him in prayer, in silence, in God’s word. To allow a faithful routine of living in His presence moment by moment, to transform these difficult and often wearying days. And to know that God’s faithfulness is new every morning and that He will carry me through.

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