Reflections page updated

During Advent we ran a separate page where all the posts were filed. So if you want to review anything from that season it can easily be found there.

I have now reinstated the Daily Prayer & Reflections Page and all Julia’s posts since Christmas can now be found there and can therefore be easily found for later read and review.

In addition to Julia’s posts there will occasionally be other posts not necessarily posted on the main website page, so it is worth checking the Daily Prayer & Reflections Page from time to time to se if there is anything else interesting over there!

For example over the holidays Gordon has been ‘pondering’ and has produced a couple of articles to get us all thinking about God. Part one is published this week and if you come back next week part 2 will be available for you to ponder!

Please take a look.

An archaeological aside!
Some of you may remember a presentation Gordon gave well over a year ago about the Clachtoll Broch Project. Since then, the project has been nominated for an award – Rescue Project of the Year- organised by Current Archaeology magazine.  Voting is open to all and Gordon would be delighted if you felt able to do so.  Go to where there is also a link to a recent article about the latest findings.
Another local archaeology project, Tarradale Through Time, has been nominated in another category – Research Project of the year.  You can also read about that project and vote on the same website.
Voting closes on 8 February.

Jean (Ed)

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