Lent Discussion Group 10th March at 7pm – Rewilding The Church

Just a wee reminder that tonight we will be discussing Steve Aisthorp’s book, Rewilding The Church. It looks at the concept of environmental rewilding (stepping back and letting nature take its natural course) and suggests the concept could be applied to church.

“If you want to rewild the church don’t promote mission strategy and teach church planting tactics. Instead foster a trust in Jesus and foster a deeper love for those He brings across your path.”

There isn’t a map. It’s an invitation to join a holy adventure. We don’t know where it will lead us. The church is always an interim church or a church in transition. No destination, just a potentially surprising and exciting journey. So come along and join the journey. (Email Julia if you haven’t. received the. Zoom link).

Jean will lead the discussion and the initial presentation and some supporting literature will be posted online later so if you can’t make the meeting tonight come back later and feel free to make. any comments on here.

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