Prayer resources and Our New Prayer Wall

Today we had our final prayer group for Lent in which we discussed everyday prayer and which was led by Barbara Chandler and in which we discussed ‘everyday prayer’.

Barbara offers information on the books she quoted during the session and also included below is the ‘Coffee Time Prayer’ she quoted during the meeting.

We have also decided to offer a ‘prayer of the week’ on our prayer wall and Laura kindly offered to share her prayer written during the session so please pop over to the Prayer Wall page to see it. Please check the prayer wall for future prayers of the week.


Prayers of life Michel Quoist translation 1963. (I suspect it won’t still be in print but second hand copies may be available)
Espresso Prayers David Winter Lion Oxford 2008
Power Lines David Adam SPCK London 1992
Patterns not Padlocks Angela Ashwin Eagle Guildford 1992

Coffee Time Prayer

God of creation, thank you for the taste, the warmth and the energy of this coffee. May the farmers who grew this crop and picked these beans, receive a fair wage. May they have joy in their work. Bless those who processed and packed and shipped it, for those who placed it on a supermarket shelf, for the Sainsbury delivery driver who brought it to my door. Thank you for all that unites the people of the world and protect us from all that divides, Amen

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