As you will all be aware from the news the pandemic in India has placed the country’s medical facilities under huge stress and led to shortages of medical supplies including beds, oxygen and ICU facilities. Two of the priests in our diocese who have both family and professional links to India have sent out this message:  

“As you are aware the situation in India continues to be worrying. When you hear journalists say that the real number of infections and deaths are far higher than shown, that is not an exaggeration. The past few weeks have been difficult for us too. Almost daily we kept hearing about hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths of people we have studied/worked with and those whom we know.

Several of you have asked if there is a charity I could recommend for making a donation. The Christian Medical College in Vellore, South India is a teaching hospital that provides excellent care for anyone regardless of religion or caste. CMC also has clinics in rural areas where otherwise there would be no access to medical care. We both  had the privilege of working as palliative care chaplains there for several years. If you wish to make a donation, please follow this link. Donations are received through Feidns of Vellore UK, which makes transferring funds easier:

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