Mission, Ministry & Pandemic

Now that we have been allowed to return to our churches for collective worship, it seems a good time to take stock of the experiences and lessons of the past months and to consider what they may imply for our approach to mission and ministry in the future.  The Diocesan Mission and Ministry Board would therefore welcome views from people across the Diocese on what has been learned from the months of lock-down and on what new opportunities may be offered by the greater freedom we are beginning to enjoy. 

Some Charges may already have begun to address these issues while others may welcome an invitation to begin doing so now.  As an aid to this process I attach a number of questions which might help to guide and stimulate responses.  Our aim will be to gather from you as broad a range of ideas and experiences as possible, so as to be able to disseminate them across the Diocese subsequently, as examples and sources of encouragement.  We would therefore suggest that you seek views as widely as possible from across your congregation. To that end we have also put the questions in the form of an on-line questionnaire which can be returned directly to us.  The link is as follows – 


While individual Charges will be commenting via their vestries the Diocese want a wide feedback from individual church members and from those not affiliated to a particular church so, whoever you are, if you want to comment please click on the link & complete the form with your personal comments. Comments are asked for by end June but if you see this a little later don’t worry your comments will still be heard.

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