Patronal festival for St James 2021

It was a joy to be able to return to Saint James on Sunday to celebrate our patronal saint on his feast day.

If you missed the service you can catch up with here…

In our worship we thought about what it means to be a pilgrim and as part of that thought of the many different ways that God weaves our lives together in his love. The patchwork prayer that I used is here.

Almighty God,

Designer and Creator of the Family of God here in this place; bring us back to our

foundation in you so that we may hold strong and steadfast to your will for us.

Give us the kindness to support and nourish each other in our daily life.

You have given each of us our own distinct pattern and purpose.

Help us to let your light shine through us and reflect that beauty within.

You have stitched us all together through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Help us to keep each other from unravelling,

and when we find a ‘loose’ thread,

quilt ourselves to one another again as you bound yourself to us,

so that we may bring comfort and help to your family.


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