Research project on pioneer ministry in the SEC

Julia has asked that the information below on this very worthwhile and interesting piece of research be shared on the website. If you wish to contribute please use the link provided in the body of the letter

Research project on pioneer ministry in the SEC

This research project is being conducted by the Mission Board and is led by Rev Dr Richard Tiplady, SEI’s Director of Mixed Mode Training. It is seeking to identify examples and experiences of pioneer ministry across the breadth of the SEC and the lessons that can be learned therefrom. Using the above image as a way to inspire your thinking, the research uses the innovative Sensemaker research tool to learn from people’s stories and to clarify the key lessons from those stories. You can contribute to this research using the following link: Richard is keen to hear from people from across the SEC, so your contribution will be very welcome.

Rev Dr Richard Tiplady

Director of Mixed Mode Training

Scottish Episcopal Institute

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