For The Right Reasons

Many of you will know of the work of ‘For The Right Reasons’. It is sad that the charity is closing and that due to the effects of Covid that there are debts to cover. If you can help in any way please contact Ramsay by email.

Bishop Mark has asked that we share the following message on behalf of Ramsay McGhee, the Chairman of the ‘For Rights Reasons’ charity. If you wish to make a donation you can contact Ramsay on

“For the Right Reasons” has been actively helping those in the Merkinch area of Inverness who have been victims of drugs or alcohol for the past 13 years and many congregations and members of congregations have been very supportive all the way through. During this time, we have had many ups and downs. We have had our tears of sadness losing friends and tears of joy seeing our friends succeed. The time has now come to close the charity down.

Due to recent events resulting from covid, staff illness and lack of business for the print shop (again due to Covid) we have run into a significant amount of debt (£15,000) which falls on our Trustees to bear. This is an appeal for help one last time to enable us to finish on a positive note.

We are asking you all to consider having a congregational coffee morning, car boot sale, garage sale – in fact anything at all that would help us meet the debt. Most of the debt is due to leasing arrangements for the equipment, electricity and paper and ink costs.

If you can assist in any way, your donation will be very gratefully received.

With kindest regards

Ramsay McGhee

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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