Shepherd of my soul

Yesterday I saw a field full of baby lambs…some of the first I have seen this Spring. They were leaping around the field, full of life, their oh so white coats and innocent and inquisitive faces peering through the fence were a delight to see. And then the shepherd came into view. Weather beaten face,  crook in  hand, sheepdog at his heels as he checked on the new arrivals. I was so powerfully reminded of Jesus words-I am the good shepherd, the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

As we prepare to remember Jesus, as both good shepherd and as lamb of God, so may this interpretation of the words of the 23rd Psalm open afresh to us as we ponder his love, his care, his sacrifice.

Lord, you are my shepherd,

thank you that your love and grace

are sufficient for all my needs.

Thank you for the places you lead me to rest in-

 places of beauty, stillness and quietness

where my soul can be refreshed.

When I find myself in difficult times and I am lost and afraid,

Lord, in the darkness, be present.

 Please  guide me,

comfort me,

hold me.

Help me to hold fast to your hand,

to know your direction and correction

comforting and strengthening me.

As I feast at your table,

open my heart to sharing

all that you abundantly lavish upon me

with those who do not know you

and those who are hungry.

Open my eyes to see your love and mercy

and grant me faith to follow you all the days of my life,

until the time when I come home,

 to my Father’s house forever.


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