Lilac tree of love…

The lilac tree in my garden is laden with heavenly scented blooms. I was intrigued to discover that lilac has a rich history linked to Greek mythology and over the centuries has come to symbolise love and in particular as a reminder of first love. This brought to mind the message to the church in Ephesus ( Revelation 2 v 4)

” I have this against you, that you have have abandoned the love you had at first”

I find it can be easy to slip into habits of belief and allow them to become lip service not heart service, to allow my love for God to be lukewarm and slow to respond to his call to daily take up my cross and follow him. Looking at my lilac tree bowing under the weight of the blossom I am reminded again of just how much God loves me, loves us all- and how much more I could love Him.

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